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My Purpose

My mission is to support the emotionality, healthfulness, and life experiences of individuals, and businesses through phytochemistry.  


Phytochemistry is the study of the complex, organic chemicals produced by plants and stored in their flowers, leaves, fruit, bark, roots, and stems. When extracted, these phytochemicals produce essential oils that can be topically applied or inhaled to heal our bodies and support our emotions.

My Story

Several years ago I started making my own bath and skincare products with essential oils because I wanted to limit the number of preservatives and synthetic chemicals I was putting on my body. I became quickly overwhelmed with all the choices and options in today's essential oil market. I wanted to use more natural products on my body and in the air that I breathed, but how could I know that the ones I was selecting were good for me? The more I read about essential oils, the more passionate I became about fully understanding their complex chemistry and health benefits.

Not having a background in biology or healthcare (30 years in the IT field), I wanted to gain the necessary education to help people navigate the multitude of essential oil options available in today's marketplace.

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Refining My Art

In 2017, I began my journey to become a registered aromatherapist (RA). This journey included a Master Certificate in Aromatherapy from the American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) plus an additional anatomy and physiology course, acceptance to sit for the RA examination, and successfully passing the exam.

During my studies, I became extremely interested in the power of scents and their ability to evoke old memories or build new, lasting memories. This intrigued me, and so began my exploration and study into the science of creating scents to enhance our environment and build positive memories. 

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